Izard Weston's quarterly newsletter has something for everyone.

Client Newsletter

Our quarterly newsletter, News from the Weston Front, has something for everyone. If there is a particular topic you would like covered, then please contact us and we’ll do our best to include it in the next newsletter.

May 2017 - In this issue:
I hope that you will find this mid-year edition of our newsletter useful as it includes advice and commentary on issues which most of us will face at some stage during our lives.

A nod to Wellington as well. We think it’s the No 1 City in the World and need no further persuasion about that!

  • Auction Preparation
    - A step-by-step guide
  • Enduring Powers of Attorney
    - Recent Changes
  • The Harmful Digital Communications Act
    - Cyberbullies Beware
  • Health and Safety at Work Act 2015
    - Happy First Birthday

February 2017 - In this issue:
Welcome to the first edition of News from the Weston Front for 2017. It is hard to believe we are already approaching March! This newsletter includes the usual mix of the practical, yet interesting (including when the sale of a residential property might be taxable, what constitutes reckless trading by a company director, and what ‘probate’ actually means), and the slightly more esoteric, but still practical (including the vagaries of licence requirements for Uber drivers). We hope you will find something of interest.

  • The Bright-line Test
    - Property rules tighten
  • I have been named an executor of a will, what do I do now?
    - Legal advice highly recommended
  • Reckless Trading
    - Directors must exercise care and prudence
  • Small Passenger Services Review
    - Update of law required to improve safety

December 2016 - In this issue:
This is the final edition of News from the Weston Front for 2016, which contains informative articles on general security agreements, purchasing goods that are subject to security interests, and how to obtain a limited drivers licence - something we hope no clients will require following Christmas celebrations! There is also an article on the Lucan Battison judicial review case from a couple of years ago, which no doubt caused many schools (and possibly parents) to clarify their own "hair rule".

  • Buying goods subject to security - the “ordinary course of business” exemption
    - Know your obligations
  • Judicial review – the Lucan Battison case
    - The ‘hair rule’
  • What is a General Security Agreement?
    - Act offers protection
  • How to obtain a Limited Licence
    - Watch the Christmas celebrations

August 2016 - In this issue:
The shock of Brexit got us wondering what would happen if New Zealand wished to exit from one of our existing international treaties. So in this dispatch from the Weston Front we consider the legal mechanics of a Brexit-type exit from the China Free Trade Agreement. Our article on bankruptcy will hopefully be of strictly academic interest, to which we’ve added the more practical subjects of secrecy agreements, protecting intellectual property rights relating to inventions and property transactions. We hope you will find something of interest.

  • Brexit
    - A comparison with the NZ China FTA
  • Eureka! Now What?
    - Planning for the next big step
  • Secrecy Agreements
    - Avoid the common mistakes
  • What goes on in a property transaction?
    - Behind the scenes
  • The legal results of a market decline
    -The downside of the cycle

June 2016 - In this issue:
This issue of News from the Weston Front includes a reminder that a range of de facto relationships will be captured by our property relationship laws, some insights regarding building warrants of fitness, restraints of trade and citizens arrests, and brief references to the new health & safety regime and the impact of methamphetamine damage to properties.  Hopefully the recent Police interception of a 500 kg haul of methamphetamine on 90 Mile Beach means the latter article is of less relevance.  Happy reading!

  • Flat mate or de facto partner?
    - The Property Relationship Act
  • Buildings and warrants of fitness
    - Building owners obligations under the act.
  • The ins and outs of a restraint of trade clause
    - Protecting sensitive information.
  • Citizen’s arrest: An overview?
    - Interesting information for those who may react to a crime.

March 2016 - In this issue:
The big news in this edition of News from the Weston Front is the revamp of the Health and Safety at Work Act which comes into force on 4 April 2016. The changes are wide-ranging and, between the Act and the associated regulations (some of which are still not available), it looks like there could be some nasty fishhooks. Most businesses, directors and senior officers will potentially be affected, along with the workers themselves. We’ve been involved in advising some of our clients already so if you think you could be affected I suggest you contact us for an initial chat and we can take it from there if it looks like you’ll need some advice or guidance.

Other articles in this edition may be relevant to you if you are an owner or occupier of commercial premises or an owner of a tenanted residential property. In the case of the latter, the proposed changes to the Residential Tenancies Act have recently been introduced to Parliament and, amongst other things, herald compulsory requirements for the insulation of properties and the installation of fire alarms.

  • The Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill – A look at the changes for landlords and tenants
    - Important changes to note
  • Gift vouchers – What happens if the company goes into receivership?
    - Unsecured creditors
  • The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 – In force from 4 April 2016
    - Making workplaces safer
  • How well do you know your lease?
    - Understanding your rights and obligations
  • Maori Land – How Succession of Maori Land works